Sensual Embodied Dance Facilitators




Courtney’s playful nature is contagious. he profoundly desires to support women by expressing themselves authentically through both movement and stillness, so they may dance through everyday life feeling more alive and present in their bodies.
Courtney was drawn to SED in 2015 with a yearning to get back to her roots (she studied dance in her youth) and out of her head after corporate burnout.
Since then, this unique, powerful methodology has consistently helped her come back “home” to her joyful self and reset her nervous system, especially during the transition from Maiden to Mother.
Ash Tarver

Ash Tarver

Florida, USA

Ash is a Sex, Pleasure, and Wellness Coach.
Being deeply passionate about sensuality, movement and pleasure, Ash supports & empowers women and mothers to awaken the power they have within them to become Confident, Alive & Free in their bodies to truly live a life turned on & in their fullest expression of love & pleasure!
As a busy mom to three, in the military and having an online business, Ash understands how being busy can keep you disconnected from your body, others and what really brings you joy and pleasure!
Ash knows the power of Sensual Embodied Dance and how it is the gateway to more sensuality, pleasure, and aliveness within.
Your permission slip is granted for you to connect deeply to your body, uncover your true power and feel home & alive in your body when you attend Ash’s workshops and classes. Based in Sarasota, Florida and surrounding areas.


Sunshine Coast, AUSTRALIA

Seven years ago, following feeling disconnected and numb as a new mother, I attended a weekend workshop with Holly with some friends. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time. Yet, this profound dance changed my awareness and love for my body – and that changed my life forever.

My SED practice continues to help me remain grounded in my physical body and in tune with my emotional state. I am my true self. Devoted. Magnetic, Juicy.

I’m super excited to now guide women, mothers and lovers who have lost that deep connection with self through the amazing self-connecting journey of Sensual Embodied Dance®.

Lisa Rose

Christine Clegg

Christine Clegg

Sunshine Coast, AUSTRALIA

Christine is a lover of exploring wilderness.

She is passionate about the potency of the moment, and how we can empower ourselves through direct experience of both our inner and outer landscapes.

She finds great joy in creating opportunities for deep presence and connection, through Sensual Embodied Dance, Yoga, Mindful Movement, the Non-Linear Movement Method, Body Work, Women’s Circles and Ceremonies.

The luminous thread connecting all these offerings is the desire for us all to feel vibrantly alive, and at home in our own skin. With each other, and here on this Wild Earth.

Wild Heart Soma

Jackie Wallin

Jackie Wallin


Jackie is a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher and Sensual Embodied Dance facilitator dedicated to slowing down, feeling what needs to be felt, and living an embodied life infused with devotion.  

After attending her first (of many) Sensual Embodied Dance workshops, Jackie knew she had discovered something exceptionally unique. The experience touched her deeply. She was overwhelmed with a feeling of being seen, accepted and understood that was so powerful and rich that it was breathtaking.

Jackie now shares through her classes & workshops the same potential for women to explore themselves unfiltered, raw, messy, truthful and utterly beautiful. To remove the veil, come home to your true essence, and feel profoundly sensually alive.

Yoga by nature




Marania is a holistic health practitioner who is passionate about supporting people to come home to their bodies and embrace all parts of themselves.

Her work incorporates diverse, complementary modalities from various traditions ranging from Yoga, Pranayama to Bodywork, Energywork, Sacred spaces, Womb Health and Sensual Embodied Dance.

Marania sees dance as medicine, an ancestral spiritual practice, a medium of expression, a tool for deeper connection to self and others, pure fun and so much more. And she loves to witness others’ expression of what it means to them.

She loves the diversity of bodies and expressions. And she’s a fervent advocate for authentically nurturing that uniqueness in each individual.

Wild Moon Australia




Rachael Skyring grants people permission to be entirely themselves and enter a realm of playfulness, curiosity and boundless possibilities.

Being a trained Feminine Embodiment Coach, Librarian and Physicist, she embodies the reality that you can be anything and live freely outside the box of ‘bland’ or ‘average’. She invites you into that experience through her online classes.

During a dance adventure with Rachael, you’ll laugh ALOT and come to remember that you are inherently beautiful, wise and worthy…exactly as you are.

Rachael Skyring




Wajan supports women to blossom into a connected and authentic expression of who they are, through creating a space of safety and deep acceptance.

As a trained teacher and therapist Wajan is passionate about empowering women to use movement and pleasure as tools to support physical, mental and hormonal health particularly in the transition to menopause.

Wajan’s lifelong enthusiasm for learning shines through her classes & workshops as she encourages women to completely accept themselves, whilst gently challenging them to grow and flourish in new ways.

Expect to be deeply nourished and held in Wajan’s classes and workshops.

Wajan Hale




Jacqui is a devotional woman and is here for transformation.

With an abundance of qualifications and 22 years of experience working in the healing arts, she invites women to embark on an adventure to discover the mystery within, orienting to pleasure and aliveness along the way.

Jacqui delights in creating safe spaces for women to be themselves, to dance with and explore all aspects of being, from shadow to radiant light.

Her Sensual Embodied Dance classes are offered in Cairns, and will benefit women of all ages wanting to explore and express their own sensual aliveness and deepen connection within themselves.

Ways of the Wild Womb




Christine’s facilitates a space for an incredibly grounded and body-based experience whilst simultaneously guiding people to recognise a profoundly spiritual dimension within themselves. 

As a qualified osteopath and womb awakening practitioner, she brings a unique understanding of the body and how to allow the intuitive wisdom of the body to arise. 

Christine offer’s classes online & in-person for women and men. She particularly welcomes anyone who feels their age has become a barrier to feeling alive, sensual, strong & fluid, as she knows first-hand what embodied freedom & joy is possible at any age.

Christine Lloyd




Alysia’s classes and workshops are based on the belief that when we move our bodies in an organic way, we can connect with our true nature and access previously hidden levels of sensation, feeling and awareness.

She has a real naturalness and authenticity through her guidance, which allows her participants to feel at ease.

Alysia hopes to create a fun filled and inclusive environment for her participants to explore, be playful and connect with their unique essence. In doing so, they will feel more connected, confident and in alignment with their true nature.

She is a Health and Physical Education and Outdoor Education Teacher, and has a special interest in Qi gong, conscious dance, yoga, meditation, surfing, and nature.

 Alysia Cameron

Jess MacLeish

Jess MacLeish

MELBOURNE, Australia

Purposely living a self aware, sensual and soul-fuelled life, Jess MacLeish is deeply passionate about guiding like-hearted women who seek the same.

Jess knows the power of Sensual Embodied Dance firsthand, not only as a tool for navigating life with greater ease, but a gateway to deeper levels of clarity, presence and pleasure.


With a background as a professional burlesque dancer, mental health worker and more than ten years of holding women’s spaces, Jess brings a wealth of experience to her transformational dance practice, Bring The SASS, based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Bring the SASS