“This training has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, not just for myself professionally, but personally.

It is facilitated at an easeful pace but is rich in content and experience in both delivering and receiving the work so I can confidently facilitate SED as a fully integrated body of work.

The level of support and engagement from the facilitation team is incredible, and I felt fully engaged in the training the whole time, whilst experiencing enough spaciousness to include it in my busy life.

I cannot recommend this training more highly, for its mix of professional development and personal exploration (which is all relevant to delivering SED). The content is extremely thorough and I really valued the scientific and evidence-based style of teaching, as I believe it is uncommon in this field of work.

As an already experienced facilitator, I gained so much more foundation and increased my skill set immensely. If you are passionate about delivering life-changing embodiment work, the SED modality and training process is absolutely in a class of its own!


“The Sensual Embodied Dance facilitator training is an initiation into a deeper, more loving and embodied relationship with yourself.

Holly has masterfully put together the course material so that you go on a journey, unlocking a deeper connection to your sensuality and paving the way to experiencing flow states, greater self awareness and the ability to facilitate others to experience the same.

You will feel supported, encouraged, accepted and celebrated every step of the way!

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to experience life more fully and learn a step by step modality that will help others experience the same!


“I love how much was shared about the actual facilitation side of teaching and how important it is in addition to the embodiment practices. I love that trauma-informed practices are included. I love how detailed the breakdowns are – from the Devotional Erotic Dance videos to the scripts to sharing playlists. Holly gave us the foundations to start with solid tools and the opportunity to then tweak and shape to suit our own unique gifts and offerings and personality.


One of the things that I love about Holly’s teaching is her complete understanding of the content. It is a lived visceral knowledge that she brings through with complete authority but also with a crucial yielding to dynamic truth.

When I danced Shiva Shakti Dance one of the beautiful attributes Holly exuded was a non-story with herself & her participants. Holly’s training for Sensual Embodied Dance is similar, she presents what she has found through her experience as an offering or sharing of knowledge, there is no agenda for you to follow & an allowance in allowing you to experience & present it as your own.


“SED faciliator training is a wonderful course and safe container for learning some really specific and powerful embodiment facilitation skills. Embodiment can feel kind of nebulous, intractable.

Under Holly’s kind and capable guidance, you will explore a proven process that gently and naturally invites the opening of body, mind and heart. It’s so delicious and soul nourishing, that you’ll feel very ready to begin guiding others on this adventure.

Holly is a fabulous facilitator herself, with a serious depth of authentic experience, knowledge and wisdom to share.

The course is well paced, well structured and supported. Plenty of juicy content and context, and lots of nurturing opportunities to get on the dance floor and put it into practice – which is where the real learning happens.

The connection and community of women which builds through the duration of the course is an added bonus of immeasurable value.

If you’re feeling the call, jump in! Your life will be enriched on so many levels.


“This training can be adapted to so many different modalities and groups to enrich your repertoire in group work, it is also a beautiful exploration and deep connection to self.

I finished Sensual Embodied Dance Facilitator training more centred and aware of my being, plus with the knowledge and confidence to help others feel this and reach states of bliss through dance whilst having fun!


“I highly recommend this training. It is very professional and offers unique exciting ways of working with feminine embodiment. The energy of this modality feels clean, clear and integrated through the heart and sensual energy.


“Just do it! You won’t regret it! I’ve not come across any other training that is so completely supported with everything you require to get out there & teach.”


“The SED training is amazing because of the women who are part of it. The teachers and participants are dedicated, fun and incredibly supportive. I was looking for a group of inspiring women and I found it!”


“The SED facilitation training is a broad, in-depth and solid grounding in a methodology and develops a facilitation skill set, which are complete enough to prepare someone to teach classes of great value by the end of the course. As well as giving a groundwork from which to create a unique body of work.


“Holly’s SED facilitation training offered me a deeply personal journey into expanding my facilitation capacity. It built my confidence through practicing teaching all the way along and to learn the art of these wonderful practices through embodiment. Holly generously shared her knowledge, wisdom and practical learnings and offered an abundance of resources.


When I signed up to do the facilitator training with Holly it was fairly early into my own dance journey and I remember thinking, ‘I’m so not ready for this, I love this work SO much but i’ve never taught ANYTHING before…how am I going to pull this off!?’

I was seriously lacking confidence but I trusted that 6 months of working intimately with this incredible woman was going to transform me in ways I couldn’t imagine…and it did. 

Our sessions were filled with dance practices, philosophical discussions, self reflection and the funnest games! Afterwards I would be amazed how deep we would go and how much I was learning. 

Hands down, I would NOT be the woman I am today – walking so fiercely, loving my self so deeply and sharing sensual embodiment so CONFIDENTLY with women everywhere….if i had not met Holly and done this training. 

This is such powerful work that so many woman are craving right now and if you are going to learn how to teach it with fullness and integrity you simply MUST learn from Holly.”