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2nd March – 16 October 2024

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The Sensual Embodied Dance® Facilitator Training is a 8-month, online certification program for women who want to support other women to feel turned on by life, to fall in love with their body, and to nurture a deep connection to their own beauty, power and wisdom.

The training provides a library of effective embodiment practices, a proven structure to weave your own magic through and high-level facilitation skills so that you can confidently offer transformational group classes that are safe, fun and create epic community.


A well of pleasure and radiance resides in every single person, even if their mind is too busy to notice and their body too tense to feel.

Using embodied dance and movement practices that are designed specifically to unwind tension patterns in the body, generate flow and awaken the senses, this methodology invites women to experience a profound, often life-changing, connection to themselves and their body.


The curriculum weaves through two complementary streams that create an integrated experience:


Learn embodiment practices, movement exercises and guided dance explorations that you can use to run your own classes, workshops or retreats. You may choose to use the practices in the Sensual Embodied Dance® format or adapt to meet a variety of different contexts, types of groups and learning outcomes.

Warm up practices

Learn guided movements and exercises for relaxing the mind, unwinding tension patterns and sensitising to what’s present in the body.

Signature Devotional Erotic Dance™ sequences

Lead women in dance sequences designed specifically to awaken a women’s sensual & sexual energy, elicit flow states and expand her range of pleasurable experience.

Group embodiment exercises

Whether in pairs, small groups or whole class arrangements you’ll be able to facilitate a variety of movement exercises to explore connection, vulnerability, empathy, creativity and expression.

Relational practices

Inquire experientially into the dynamic play of polarities and relating between humans (relevant to intimate relationships and everyday circumstances). Discover how to elicit depth and openness in others through your own embodiment.

Being Danced methods

There are many entry points to enter an ecstatic dance, the kind of experience where the dance is spontaneously moving through you effortlessly, when personality and time dissolves, your face glows and joy erupts from deep within. Learn some useful gateways to Being Danced and how to create the conditions in your body for this peak experience to naturally arise.

Integration processes

Learn a variety of options for integration processes vital to enhancing an individual’s base line for pleasure and freedom over time. Changes in the brain (neuroplasticity) occur not during peak experiences but in deep rest and relaxation.


In truth, the difference between an ‘okay’ experience and a ‘WOW!’ experience in a workshop, is great facilitation. No matter how amazing the content is. Facilitation is an exquisite art. In the facilitation skills modules, you will develop the scientific understanding of transformation in the body, the inner and outer containment required for excellent facilitation, and delve into how you uniquely show up as an embodied guide.

The foundations of embodiment and its benefits

Understand the essential principles of embodiment so you can speak about it with clarity and confidence. Uncover the common pitfalls and misconceptions in the embodiment, sexuality and self-development industry.

The Sensual Embodied Dance® methodology

Discover how and why it works. Use the methodology to create your own class plans that reliably end in blissful, juicy, glowing women.

Your voice, heart, energy and impact

In this personal embodied inquiry you’ll delve into all the things that dictate how you show up, your habitual patterns, your unique flavour, what holds you back and how to actualise the fullest expression of who you are and the gifts you have to offer.

The neuroscience of transformation

Recent research in the area of the brain-nervous system function provides great insight into the pathways in which the body adapts to new experiences, and how transformation occurs at a biological level. Understanding how and why people meet change differently will give you the clarity to see what’s going on in a room and how to navigate a group and individuals towards positive outcomes.

Trauma informed practice

A crucial understanding for providing a safe environment and experience for all individuals you may work with. Understand how trauma resides in the nervous system, how you can avoid re-traumatisation and instead support individuals to flourish in a non-therapeutic setting. Explore mirroring, projection, transference, empathy, boundaries and your role and responsibilities as an authority figure when facilitating.

Practical facilitation skills

Learn how to improvise, practice responding to questions gracefully, manage transitions, respectfully bringing oversharing to an end, time management, room set up, logistical considerations etc…all the practical elements you need to run your classes smoothly.

Listen to other women share their experience

“The style of facilitation is really impeccable. There’s this holding of space in a way where each and every participant felt really, really safe, and I find that to be very unique and special in this field of sensuality because often the spaces don’t feel very safe.”

– Efrat Wolfson, Conscious Couples Coach

“What’s unique about how Sensual Embodied Dance is facilitated is that it is truly embodied. It’s not something that you can just teach or learn from a book. It’s something that, for me, has taken daily practice within myself to really experience my own embodiment, to then be able to turn up and create a space for other people to then access those parts for themselves.”

– Felicity Meraki, Facilitator & Coach

“I love the flow – it is absolutely embodied. All the facilitators have an ease in that whatever is happening is the right thing to be happening. The safety, the flow, the sequencing…. You are led to dive deeper and deeper in a very natural way.”

– Alessandra Massi, Personal Trainer 




Is your heart now longing to share and facilitate groups of women to deeply embody their full potential and fall in love with every part of themselves?

Do you feel like supporting women to reclaim the beauty, power and wisdom in their body might just be the meaningful work you were born to do?

Maybe you are already engaged in some kind of work with women and want to incorporate a powerful embodiment element into what you’re already doing.


Yes? Then this is for you.


– but don’t expect to be sitting, staring into a screen for hours, alone and disconnected whilst ‘learning’. This is training that practises what it preaches, be prepared to move, interact, laugh and absorb the content in your body.


Live Group Teaching Calls including workshops, lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and Q&A’s to keep the energy of the training alive and inspiring – so jumping online and completing each module feels less like work and more like something social, fun and interesting that you look forward to.


Live Practice Pod Calls – because your personal embodiment is essential to guiding others, and a supportive community of awesome women not only ignites your potential but is incredibly helpful to stay motivated & inspired whilst moving through online learning.


Live Practice Pod Sessions Calls – because your personal embodiment is essential to guiding others, and a supportive community of awesome women not only ignites your potential but is incredibly helpful to stay motivated & inspired whilst moving through online learning.


Live Mentoring and hotseats – These optional calls are designed to keep you inspired, engaged and accountable throughout the training. Informal in nature, these calls allow the wisdom of each person’s present moment experience, natural curiosities and inquiry to be expressed. A tremendous amount of empathetic learning and friendship between women happens in the check-in calls. 


Online Training Portal – Here you’ll find high quality instructional videos of the embodiment practices being demonstrated in real life classes, short videos introducing each module, PDF summaries, audios for those who prefer to listen to learn, epic playlists and everything you need all in one place. The portal is a specialised library of resources, not an overwhelming to-do list!


Online Training Portal – Here you’ll find high quality instructional videos of the embodiment practices being demonstrated in real life classes, short videos introducing each module, PDF summaries, audios for those who prefer to listen to learn, epic playlists and everything you need all in one place. The portal is a specialised library of resources, not an overwhelming to-do list!


Practicum – with all the understanding, skills and confidence you’ll develop over the six months, the final criteria for your certification will be a practicum successfully delivered either live online or submitted as a recorded in-person class.

When I signed up to do the facilitator training with Holly it was fairly early into my own dance journey and I remember thinking, ‘I’m so not ready for this, I love this work SO much but i’ve never taught ANYTHING before…how am I going to pull this off!?’

I was seriously lacking confidence but I trusted that 6 months of working intimately with this incredible woman was going to transform me in ways I couldn’t imagine…and it did. 

Our sessions were filled with dance practices, philosophical discussions, self reflection and the funnest games! Afterwards I would be amazed how deep we would go and how much I was learning. 

Hands down, I would NOT be the woman I am today – walking so fiercely, loving my self so deeply and sharing sensual embodiment so CONFIDENTLY with women everywhere….if i had not met Holly and done this training. 

This is such powerful work that so many woman are craving right now and if you are going to learn how to teach it with fullness and integrity you simply MUST learn from Holly.”
- Ashleigh Edmunds, Facilitator & Dance Movement Therapist

This training will not just be something that you do, finish and then are able to go offer classes, workshops and retreats (though you will be able to) but an experience that reaches into your heart and soul and fundamentally changes the way you embody and perceive life.

About the Founder, Holly Wodetzki

Hey there! I’m Holly, founder of Shiva Shakti Dance and principal teacher of the Sensual Embodied Dance® Facilitator Training.

I started teaching women’s embodiment classes for sensual awakening over a decade ago. From very humble beginnings where for a while only 3 people came to my classes – and one was my mum. 

Back then sensual embodiment practices were mostly unheard of but it wasn’t long before I was inundated with women joining my workshops and courses, because they’d heard from other women how much it had changed their life, or simply saw them glowing (no joke!).

The demand for this kind of work is increasing rapidly and the sensual embodiment movement gaining more and more momentum as individuals are celebrating and revelling in the transformational power it holds to fully flourish as integrated, fulfilled, modern women.

Now, with all my heart, I want to share everything I know to a group of devoted women who can continue to take this revolutionary work into the world in their own unique way. Are you one of those women? 

This facilitator training is everything I wish I knew much sooner.

And everything I wish was more commonly known in the embodiment / sexuality / self-development industry – there’s potential for it to be so much better!

Upon discovering the transformative power of dance in my early twenties, I abandoned my trajectory as a scientist and dove unwaveringly into spirituality. A dedicated spiritual and dance practice, plus tending to my yearning to understand the states of altered consciousness they produced, led me all over the world for many years and I’ve had the great fortune of learning with some of the best teachers in the world in embodiment, dance & tantra.

Ironically, the more universal my perspective became, the more intrigued I was with the individual human experience, the body, brain and nervous system…. so, amusingly, I find myself back in the realms of science studying neuroscience. It delights me to no end to weave together the two domains of science and spirituality, and illuminate the earthly, everyday embodied experience of the universal and peak mystical experiences.


– Bachelors Degree in Science (Griffith University).
– Certificate of Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health (The Neuroscience Academy)

Motherhood and marriage – probably my most profound practices yet!

– Original Strength™ Certified Coach (2021)
– Non-Linear Movement Method® Teacher Training with Michaela Boehm and Steve James (2017)
– Intimacy & Attraction® Teacher Training with Michaela Boehm and Steve James (2017)
– In-schools teacher & training with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Company (2015-16)
– Sadhak of Guruji Raja Kumar Baswar of the Bhairavanand Tantric lineage (2012-current)
– Hridaya Yoga & Meditation with Sahajananada (2010-2013)
– Mystical Dance® Teacher Training with Monika Nataraj (2011)Dance training and practice with many inspiring teachers in Classical Indian Odissi Dance, Japanese Butoh, Oriental & Contemporary Bellydance, Middle Eastern Trance Dances, Sufi Whirling, Contact Improvisation, Striptease, Twerking and more…

And each and every unique person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on the dance floor!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the training running?

The Sensual Embodied Dance facilitator training will run from 6 March – 16 October 2024.

I’ve never done any embodiment practices before, is this training for me?

This training assumes a degree of personal experience with embodiment, movement or sensuality practices. If you’re just starting your journey into realms of embodiment and sensual awakening, this training is probably not for you. Book a free call or send an email if you’d like to discuss your suitability (and receive recommendations on where to begin if this training isn’t a good fit).

I’m already a facilitator/teacher/coach/therapist, can I mix Sensual Embodied Dance with my existing services?

Yes, absolutely. You’ll be encouraged to find your own unique and authentic way of delivering what you learn in the training. Once certified, you’re welcome to use the complete Sensual Embodied Dance practices and methodology as they are taught or mix with other modalities.

Will I be able to facilitate group classes online or in-person after doing this training?

Both. The training is delivered through the lens of in-person & online classes. We’ll discuss adaptations of in-person practices to online facilitation, and you’ll be given examples of full-length Sensual Embodied Dance classes delivered exclusively online.

How much time is required to complete the training?

You can expect to commit 4-5 hours per week over the seven months to complete the training.

This includes:

    • 12 x Live Group Calls– 2 hours per week
    • Self-study in the Online Training Portal – 1 hour per week
    • Personal practice – 60-90mins per week depending on the module (the embodiment modules require more dedicated practice time, whilst the facilitation modules mostly contain practices you can implement as you go about your daily life).

li>Engagement in homework discussions in the private community Facebook group.

  • A few extra hours for preparation in the lead up to your practicum assessment.


Is there any in-person component?

Sensual Embodied Dance 3hr classes will be offered in Brisbane (QLD, Australia) and are free for current trainees to attend.

A 5-day/4-night residential retreat is also available in 18-22 May 2024 on the Sunshine Coast (QLD, Australia). Women enrolled in the current facilitator training are encouraged to join a retreat to deepen their personal experience, if possible. The cost is AUD$1749 per retreat (rather than the usual AUD$3499).

When will the live calls be?

TEACHING CALLS are scheduled fortnightly on Wednesday’s 10am-12pm AEST (+ 7-9pm AEST if there’s sufficient requests). These calls will be recorded and available to watch replays. Attendance at these calls counts towards your certification.

PRACTICE CALLS will be scheduled fortnightly in the weeks between teaching calls and will be arranged depending on participants’ preferences. They are 1.5 hours in duration. These calls will not be recorded. Attendance at these calls counts towards your certification.

MENTORING & HOTSEATS are available during the three Integration weeks and will be arranged depending on everyone’s preferences. These calls will be recorded. Attendance is valuable and encouraged but entirely optional.   

Download the Call Schedule PDF 


Can I get a payment plan?

Yes, payment plans are available. Please apply to find out more.

Is this really spiritual and woo-woo?

This training is designed to be very accessible to a wide variety of audiences and use straightforward language and easily understandable concepts. The experience of deep embodiment often evokes a sense of mystical experience, irrespective of a person’s religious or spiritual belief, or lack thereof. We will look at these through the lens of modern neuroscience, frontier research on flow states and peak experience, and when applicable, where these realms intersect with spiritual perspectives.

Can I take this as a personal journey if I don’t want to become a facilitator?

Yes, absolultely! It is possible to undertake the training for self-development and exploration, though the training has been created specifically with the outcome of facilitating group classes in mind. Book a free call or send an email if you’d like to discuss your suitability.

Can I use what I learn in the training to facilitate classes for men or mixed gender groups?

Yes. Whilst the training is orientated for facilitating groups with women, the content is applicable to people of any gender.

Do you also teach business and marketing skills?

No. If you would like support in turning your Sensual Embodied Dance classes into a profitable business venture, there is an option to add on private mentoring sessions or join the Graduate Mastermind. We can also provide you with a list of recommended resources and people to connect with to assist you in this area.

What happens after I submit my application?

After you’ve submitted your application it will be reviewed. You’ll receive an email within 7 business days with the next steps.

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to review and accept the Terms & Conditions of the training and choose a payment option.

Upon payment, you’ll receive an enrolment confirmation. Your login details to the Online Training Portal will be sent to you on 12 October 2022 – here you’ll find all the preparatory material and information to attend the Orientation Call on Wednesday 26 October 2022.

What is your refund policy?

You may withdraw your enrolment up to 3 weeks prior to the training commencing on 4 January 2023 for a full refund, minus a $300 admin fee.

There are no refunds after the training begins. For specific details, apply to receive the full Terms & Conditions.

What assessment is required to become certified as a Sensual Embodied Dance® Facilitator?

The essential training comprises 15 teaching calls, 12 practice session calls, 3 comprehensive training manuals, a vibrant online Fb community and 2 years of access to the Online Training Portal. Optional extras included are 12 check-in calls

In order to receive your certification at the end of the training, you must attend and participate in at least 80% of the Teaching and Practice Pod calls (or demonstrate that you have engaged with the content via written personal reflection and note-taking, or video submission if absent), engage with 80% of the homework prompts in the Fb group and complete competent facilitation of a practicum.

What does the certification mean?

Once certified as a Sensual Embodied Dance® Facilitator you’ll be endorsed by Holly Wodetzki and featured on the Sensual Embodied Dance website. Certification will grant you licensing rights to use the registered trademark of Sensual Embodied Dance and reap the benefits of this association. 

You’ll also be eligible to join the Graduate Mastermind program and any advanced trainings offered in the future.

Is it only open to women?

Anyone identifying as a woman is welcome to apply. If you’re unsure if this training would be suitable or beneficial for you, please reach out and chat with us.

Is this training the same as the Shiva Shakti Dance Facilitator Training?

No, it’s not. Sensual Embodied Dance® is the methodology and pedagogy that sit beneath Shiva Shakti Dance.

You could use the framework and skills you learn in this training to create a similar body of work, but this facilitator training is not for Shiva Shakti Dance and the intellectual property remains protected.

“It’s not surprising that so many women who have danced with Holly have gone on to create their own offering – not only because Holly is so inspirational as the pure embodiment of what she teaches, but also due to her extensive training & knowledge. Holly is an exemplary facilitator who creates lasting value & change in women’s lives – I would literally follow her work anywhere. Anyone that is blessed to have found themselves in a position to learn under her are setting themselves up for guaranteed growth & success.

– Petra Lane, Psychosomatic Therapist, Facilitator & Retreat Leader at Global Pilgrim

“This is one of the most powerful practices I’ve found for connecting to my feminine energy, feeling sexy and alive and healing my body image issues. 

I rave about it to my friends and often recommend it to my clients too. After each session, I felt ecstatic, excited about life, deeply connected to my body and grateful to be a woman.”

– Bonnie Bliss, Somatic Sexologist, Female Pelvic Wellness Specialist & Founder of Yoni Club

“A powerful sense of devotion weaves through everything Holly teaches and practices herself. Her essence is a rare combination of lightness, joy and pleasure, which made me gravitate toward her with complete ease several years ago. 

When you’re with Holly, you get to live and breathe outside of the rules, in a space where time meanders, laughter bubbles and women shine.

It’s a space that’s delightfully feminine, expansive and profound. And I highly recommend anything she’s offering!  

– Marcela Widrig, Trauma Therapist & Founder of Fierce Embodiment






5 x AUD$1598

All prices include GST. All payments secured by Stripe.

Places are strictly limited. You may pay a refundable deposit to hold your place. Please note: enrolment is not guaranteed until payment is processed.


Got some questions?


I’m here to answer any questions you might have.

Click the button below, and you’ll be redirected to my online calendar. 

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A final note from Holly

Facilitating transformation for others is one of the most profoundly fulfilling gifts you can ever offer. 

It’s been my absolute pleasure and privilege supporting thousands of women over the last 10+ years.

Now I sincerely want to share everything I know, so you can continue this important work and help unleash the beauty, power & wisdom in women everywhere.

The world is a better place when it’s filled with women overflowing with radiance and love.

I’m so excited to embark on this journey with you.

You’re going to learn about the function of your nervous system AND how to jiggle & isolate your butt cheeks!